Please note the upcoming

Scotiabank Aids Walk!

September 25th, 2016
McLaren Housing
 is proud and pleased to participate in this event!
Your support of McLaren Housing through this event will help to keep a roof overhead for many people whose health would surely suffer were they to find themselves without a stable place to call “Home” – a place many of us take for granted.

Thanks to the incredible kindness and efforts of Pierre and Stan, we’re so close to reaching our goal. Please help. We all need homes. We all need homes more when our health is at stake.

Please join those who’ve taken the time to consider the needs of those who need help here! There is no amount too small, no amount that would not be graciously accepted with the thanks of those we serve.



Helmcken House and Howe Street
Our Mission: To provide safe, secure and affordable housing and support services for families and individuals living with HIV/AIDS to increase the opportunity for improved health, wellness, independent living and sense of community.